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Twin Kingdom Labs

We pride ourselves on innovation, and are constantly exploring new ways of using technology to better serve our clients. For those interested in the cutting edge of workplace investigations, mediation and consulting, we are making this research publicly available in easy to understand terms.

Image by Gabriel Heinzer

The Power of the Command Line

There are powerful tools across multiple operating systems, but our increasing focus is on harnessing the power of the Linux command line to automate and turbo charge our work.

Wearing VR Headset_edited.png

Virtual Reality Comes of Age

After a number of false starts, VR has finally come of age. Learn more about how we use the MetaQuest Pro and Immersed to work with multiple data sources privately and productively. 

Keeping accounts

File Comparison Analysis

Investigators are often provided with multiple versions of what looks like the same document from different sources. We unlock  the power of Checksum and Diff to compare and contrast. 


Working with Images

Images can be useful evidence in  workplace investigations, but how do we analyse metadata to learn more about an image, and what are the risks? 

Screenshot 2023-08-04 172614.jpg

Basic Cyber Forensics

There are times when we will need expert digital forensic support, but it is useful to know what we have at our disposal to perform an initial analysis of cyber storage.

Data Cloud

Data Security & the Cloud

The increase in cloud based processing services presents a real challenge for investigators in their roles as data processors and data guardians. We need to understand how to stay safe.

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