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About Us

Twin Kingdom Consulting was formed in 2018 to enable senior professionals to work together on client projects. Our associate model means that we can bring you the right skills, at the right time, for a fraction of the cost of in house services or larger blue chip consulting firms.


We sometimes talk about ourselves as a tap you can turn on or off at any time; the fact that we don't work on retainers means that you only pay when you actually need us, and that we can retain our independence.

There are four areas that we believe make us stand out from our competitors:

Clients before Products


We don't follow the standard business model of developing a generic product and then selling it to multiple clients. Although we can bring in experience from our previous assignments, if that isn't what you need we want to work with you to build something brand new just for your situation. We want to deliver massive value to our clients at every opportunity.

Real Life Business Experience

To be a Twin Kingdom consultant, you need to have been a senior leader. It is important to us that we know what it's like to be at the top table, have budget pressures, objectives, staff issues, and those 3am problems that keep you awake at night. Because we've been there, we know what you are going through, and what you need from us. We care about what you care about.

Pace & Precision

Whether we are undertaking workplace investigations, mediation, coaching or change management, our clients demand fast turnaround times without compromising quality. Unlike your busy in house teams, we can commit ourselves full time to your project resulting in speedy development and delivery times that are right first time.

Creativity & Innovation


We love to explore and find new ways of doing things. We always have something special in development and, just like Q in James Bond, have something exciting we are about to introduce. Whether it is AI driven audio transcription, legally compliant digital signatures, or interactive pdf reports with embedded video, we are at the vanguard of new ways of working.

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