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Workplace Investigations

Including NHS Maintaining High Professional Standards (MHPS)

Twin Kingdom provides expert people management services to clients across multiple sectors. We are known for our high quality investigation reports which have been praised by clients, participants, trade unions, solicitors and barristers.


We understand the importance of delivering high quality investigation reports at pace and are immediately available to support you.

Our experience of investigations includes complex assignments across multiple sectors, senior investigations up to and including Chief Executive level, and the full range of grievance, disciplinary, discrimination and whistleblowing cases. We are also able to offer independent evaluations in the absence of any specific allegations, or reviews of investigations conducted in house or by others.

What we provide

  • An online 24/7 booking process for interviewees to choose times for interview at their own convenience from their smartphone, computer or tablet. This avoids the time consuming back and forth of trying to arrange meetings via email.

  • A ‘self sufficient’ investigation model that does not rely on the availability of in house support for the investigation process, arranging meetings or taking notes.

  • DocuSign technology is used to ensure that all statements are signed digitally to a court admissible standard.

  • All interviewees in sexual harassment cases, or where other intimate topics are likely to be discussed, are given the option of being interviewed by either a male or female investigator.

  • Interviewees receive draft notes of their interview within 48 hours of the interview concluding. This enables fast turnaround and momentum.

  • A flexible delivery model in which the investigator can work outside of core office hours (evenings, weekends and bank holidays) at no extra cost to accommodate interviewees with limited availability.

  • We use a digital forensics tool that establishes an electronic 'fingerprint' for files and identifies where there is even the smallest difference between data from multiple sources. In addition to identifying if a document has been tampered with, we can also quickly identify duplicates in large submissions of evidence. This tool runs locally on our own secure systems; we never upload investigation material to systems other than Microsoft365 or DocuSign - both of which are ISO certified to the highest levels and used in the global banking, legal and security sectors.

“This is without a doubt the best investigation report I have seen in my 20 years in the NHS” - HR Director (NHS)

“Thank you for your professionalism during this process. The way you have spoken to me, with respect, and without fear of a few tears and some difficult conversations about cancer, has been much appreciated. I think you conducted the interviews with me in such a way, that they caused as least distress as possible, given the situation. Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, I am very grateful for that.” - Investigation Participant

“The report from Twin Kingdom was excellent.” - Employment Lawyer

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