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Development &  Coaching

Coaching is helping somebody else to achieve change that benefits them. When we talk about Executive Coaching we mean working with people to achieve change that benefits them in their professional role. Sometimes this means helping somebody achieve a particular goal such as securing a promotion or growing their business. In other cases this means helping somebody improve the quality of their relationships at work, deal with a particular pressure, or get beyond an obstacle that they are struggling with.

The key idea to remember is that Coaching is about effecting changes in action.

The type of Coaching that we specialise in is known as Strategic Interventions. This approach prioritises exploring emotions, focus, meaning and how people relate to others to identify the practical changes they can make immediately to bring about change. Our commitment to Strategic Interventions is the reason why we shun the popular coaching approach of providing ‘blocks’ of six or twelve sessions. We believe that even just one session is enough for some people, but most people will experience real and impactful change after two sessions. We have zero interest in taking your money for time we don’t think you need—we would much rather go and help somebody else instead.

Coaching is often used as a broad synonym for ’mentoring’ or ’counselling’. Whilst they are both powerful types of support, they are very different from coaching. Mentoring is a process in which an experienced person will give a less experienced colleague in their field advice and support. Counselling is a therapy used to help people find ways to deal with difficult emotional issues.  

“It felt like you cared about what happened to me and, when you gently encouraged me to look to the future rather than the past, it felt like more than just lip service.” - Higher Education coachee

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